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Matt Wilke

portrait of Matt Wilke TDM Marketing Coordinator

Matt Wilke is a Marketing and Outreach Specialist on Wells + Associates’ transportation demand management / mobility management team, with a background in property management and sports and events marketing. Through marketing communications, public outreach, and commuter support, he advocates for the use of alternative modes of transportation, including active transportation and transit.

His work contributes to developing higher density, transit-oriented properties that reduce vehicular congestion while providing a wider range of transportation choices for commuters.

Matt spearheads social media campaigns for communities and property brands, creates content for transportation websites, manages email communications, and plans and executes events to achieve client goals, build successful TDM programs, and foster community activities.

Q + A

What got you interested in transportation?
Having grown up in Southern California, traffic on the freeway system was always a mess. I was always curious as to how traffic congestion could be reduced in such heavily populated areas.
Favorite fast food chain?
In-N-Out Burger is the best fast-food chain. Nothing can beat getting a double-double with fries and a chocolate milkshake!
Favorite sports team?
FC Bayern Munich is my favorite sports team! Mia San Mia!
Favorite place to travel?
Coming from a German heritage, my favorite place to travel to is Germany. I have been there a dozen times and it feels like a second home to me. Love a good German pretzel and beer!
Do you collect anything?
I am collector of movie posters and physical film collections as film is my favorite form of entertainment.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Communication and Media Studies, University of Maryland Baltimore County

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Office: (703) 917-6620