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Melissa T. Hish

Melissa High vice president wells + associates

Melissa Hish joined Wells + Associates in 1998 as a transportation engineer. She provided transportation consulting to clients in various local and national jurisdictions. In 2005, she moved from project management to operations, where she now works to ensure that technical and administrative staff have the tools necessary to perform with efficiency and success. Her role spans human resources, finance, management, business development, and marketing.

She manages the W+A Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and administers benefits to employee owners. Melissa administers payroll and employee benefits; coordinates recruitment and hiring of new personnel; coordinates performance and salary reviews; manages professional development strategies; and facilitates the exceptional W+A company culture. She implements billing procedures; oversees accounts payable and accounts receivable; and develops short- and long-term financial forecasts.


How did you get interested in transportation?
In the civil engineering field there are numerous specialties available to a young engineer beginning her career. Improving infrastructure – making things work more efficiently at the most basic level – was always important to me, but transportation was one of the few concentrations where I had to consider the human factor. Hydraulics, structures, materials, while all interesting, didn’t incorporate the dynamics of the human person, so they seemed a bit flat to me. There is a beauty to transportation when it works well that feels like dancing – and I LOVE to dance!
Personal life philosophy?
I believe that people do not fully appreciate their true, innate value as human beings. I hope that every day I might help at least one person have a better understanding that they are valued for exactly who they are at exactly this moment in time. If we all respected our own value more, we would recognize that value in everyone else and this world would be a much better place.
Favorite quote?
“Be who you are and be that well.” – St. Francis de Sales
Favorite place to travel and why?
Every year my family travels to Ocean Isle Beach, NC for a week of sand and sun. The island is relatively non-commercial and very family-oriented. We unplug and just enjoy being with one another without schedules or outside distractions. It’s the best week of the year for the last 25 years!
Favorite book?
Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle
Favorite movie?
Pulp Fiction


  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech