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Transportation Planning for Governmental Facilities

Federal and other governmental facilities provide critical services to all people. These facilities range from campuses and leased spaces that house governmental employees and host the public to specific-use and support facilities that in many cases are not seen or used by the general public. Transportation access to these facilities is ever evolving and Wells + Associates has decades of experience providing consulting services to Federal and other governmental clients.

Governmental facilities can have unique transportation challenges that require experienced guidance to help navigate. Many of these challenges are location-based, requiring collaboration between local, state, and Federal stakeholders while others can be more broad-based, involving the need to understand the most recent trends in transportation planning and demand management techniques to make access to and from a facility more efficient.

Our team of transportation planners, traffic engineers, and transportation demand management experts understands these collaborative concerns and has the depth and understanding to keep our institutional clients abreast of emerging trends in transportation.

Transportation Solutions and Innovations for Governmental Agencies

Our understanding of these collaborative concerns and trends enables our team to guide institutional clients to:

  • Find ways to help agencies maintain their mission while reducing the need for parking and other traditional infrastructure
  • Manage travel and parking to a high degree to minimize impacts on public infrastructure and adjacent neighborhoods
  • Provide access and mobility while contributing to surrounding communities
  • Encourage a modal shift from cars to other modes by making public transit, bicycles, and walking more attractive
  • Help sustain the environment by developing infrastructure and strategies that reduce vehicle trips and emissions
  • Evaluate the ever-increasing shift to telework and its impact on transportation demand

Federal and other governmental facilities’ transportation challenges inevitably involve issues that our Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Design, and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) teams tackle on a daily basis.

Transportation Planning

Our transportation planners focus on the effective movement of people to, from, and within a facility considering all modes of transportation. This includes providing for proper walking and biking infrastructure (paths, bike lanes, bike racks), ensuring that there is adequate transit connectivity, ensuring adequate parking supply, and designing appropriate vehicle access and circulation. Since close proximity to destinations can’t be achieved for all, we also focus on working with clients to improve wayfinding to help people find their way.

Traffic Engineering

Most facilities need to regularly update their transportation networks, especially as missions and land uses change, populations and commuters expand, and surrounding communities become more dense. Our traffic engineers aim to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods using tools such as traffic control devices (signs, road surface markings, and traffic signals), wayfinding, road geometry, street lighting, sidewalks and crosswalks, bicycle infrastructure, and parking facilities.

Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

Our TDM experts develop strategies to reduce driving and parking demand. TDM focuses on ways to develop more transportation choices for people without expanding private vehicle infrastructure such as roads and parking structures. Our TDM team has had proven success with governmental clients to create strategies to get cars off road networks and foster transit-oriented options, walkable activity centers, and livability and sustainability initiatives. Our TDM initiatives have proven that travel behavior can be changed for the betterment of the community.

Contact our Government Transportation Team

Jim Watson, AICP Wells + Associates

Jim Watson, AICP

Principal | (703) 676-3609

Jim Watson is a transportation planner with nearly two decades of experience in multimodal planning and design in the private and public sectors, notably in the District of Columbia where he has experience with comprehensive transportation reviews, parking and traffic analyses, transit-oriented development, traffic design, campus planning, and more.

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Courtney Menjivar

Courtney J. Menjivar

Vice President | (703) 676-3636

Courtney Menjivar is a passionate global implementer of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs. TDM programs aim to reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicles, giving more transportation choices to commuters and raising the value of real estate developments.

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portrait of jami milanovich dc traffic engineer wells + associates comprehensive transportation review transportation consultant

Jami L. Milanovich, P.E.

Principal | (202) 556-1113

A registered Professional Engineer, Jami has over two decades of experience creating innovative transportation solutions in the government sector. Her work includes traffic impact studies, parking analyses, intersection improvement design, loading management plans, site access studies, and expert witness testimony.

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Justin Schor TDM expert consultant wells + associates

Justin Schor

Vice President | (301) 971-3420

Justin Schor is a skilled and well-rounded transportation consultant with over two decades of forward-thinking Transportation Demand Management (TDM) experience in communities all over the United States. His skills span planning, developing, and implementing award-winning transportation solutions.

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