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Courtney J. Menjivar

Courtney Menjivar

As Vice President of Mobility Management + TDM, Courtney Menjivar helps businesses, developers, and communities navigate the increasingly complex challenges of transportation, parking, and tenant satisfaction with a focus on accessibility and connectivity. She is a recognized expert in transportation demand management (TDM), a discipline which works with existing infrastructure to reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicles, giving more transportation choices to commuters and raising the value of real estate developments by building customized multimodal systems.

With 20 years of experience in research, planning, analysis, and community outreach in Australia, Canada, and the United States, Courtney helps communities modernize their approach to transportation and guides businesses through regulatory frameworks that are changing the nature of how the commercial real estate sector manages transportation. She leads teams that identify and implement new transportation sources in order to lower costs, reduce the need for parking, and leverage transportation for competitive advantage.

Courtney and her team help developers and other CRE sector enterprises optimize their business models by integrating technology-based solutions, bridging the “last-mile” connection, and tapping into underutilized transportation amenities, such as:

  • Designing and implementing a comprehensive communications, wayfinding, and marketing program for a major transit-oriented, mixed-use community undergoing redevelopment which features the largest shopping center in the Washington, DC region. This program built multimodal transportation choices and internet-based communications systems into the existing network, earning a “Best Workplace for Commuters” award.
  • Conceptualizing and implementing multimodal transportation programs for both established and growth-stage technology companies undergoing major office relocations.
  • Improving the marketability and tenant experience at a new mixed-use development by improving access, providing more transportation choices, and delivering effective commute assistance to current and prospective tenants. This project included the use of lower-cost, geofenced ride-hailing services to improve access to transit and comply with regulatory requirements.

Courtney speaks, organizes, and participates in industry gatherings to promote and identify new ways to solve transportation and parking challenges, including webinars and industry panels on CRE issues, college transportation, and transportation demand management.


How did you get interested in transportation?
I stumbled into the industry following an amazing internship in Perth, Australia, where I worked with the Western Australia Department of Transport, a community-based travel behavior change program. I’m still hooked and enjoy the challenges that come with understanding and influencing human behavior!
What motivates you?
Problem solving, creativity, and achievement
How do you relax?
A good book and a glass of red wine!
If you could live in any other time period, what would it be and why?
I would pick 16th Century England. I’m fascinated with the rich history and constant strategizing for the English crown. I find it interesting that the more power you have, the more vulnerable you become. I’m fascinated at how much these families sacrificed for power. They increased their vulnerability, and, as often was the case in this era, they gave their lives in the quest for power.
Your karaoke night song?
Sweet Dreams, the Eurythmics
Favorite subject in school?


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honors), International Business and Finance, University of Manitoba
  • Master of Public Relations, University of Maryland, ongoing studies


  • “Applying Individualized Marketing to the Workplace,” TDM Review, 2008, Issue 4.