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Transportation Demand Management

What Is TDM?

Transportation Demand Management consultants encourage and design convenient alternatives to driving. Such outcomes benefit commuters, companies and organizations, and communities.

TDM reduces travel demand by changing behaviors, particularly at peak commute hours. It creates strategic ways to get cars off the road, to create work-life balance, and to reduce stress. But that is not all. Communities benefit from improved health and a cleaner environment. Everyone benefits by the economic stimulus of empowering people to live and play in their own communities.

TDM Planning and Implementation

We are a foremost leader of transformational Transportation Demand Management (TDM) implementation. While other traffic engineering firms may offer TDM planning, they are not implementers. We are. Clients come to us when they need to generate fewer trips. Ridesharing, walking, biking, transit and telework, are just a few solutions. It is all about giving people choices, building their awareness of their options, and helping them test the system to establishing normal practices. With W+A, one size does not fit all. We are making positive behavioral changes by reducing vehicle congestion and improving people’s lives through access and mobility.

From our base in the Washington, DC region, our TDM consultants manage programs across the United States while also managing our TDM team in Charlotte and TDM consulting practice in Denver. We manage regulated TDM programs in many jurisdictions, such as Transportation Management Plans in the City of Alexandria, Virginia.

Wells + Associates TDM consulting team provides the full range of services, from planning, to implementation, to measurement. This practice is a natural extension of our expert Transportation Engineering & Planning. TDM fosters transit-oriented development, complete streets, walkable activity centers, livability and sustainability initiatives, and integrated corridor management. Our approach empowers people to take advantage of alternative modes they may not even thinking of – all while enhancing their quality of lives.

Wells + Associates TDM Services

Our TDM services are outcome-based and structured to help you achieve your transportation and organizational goals. We have proven in many areas that travel behavior can be changed for the betterment of the community. Contact us to learn how we can impact your project with TDM by W+A.

PLAN for success

  • GIS analysis
  • Hospital campus plans
  • Parking demand management plans
  • Regional TDM long range plans
  • Site specific TDM action plans
  • Site specific TDM strategic plans
  • Transportation management (TMA) feasibility studies & strategic plans
  • University campus plans

CREATE your strategy

  • Campaign development
  • Marketing collateral
  • Market research
  • Program branding
  • Program websites
  • TDM program development
  • TDM program training

MEASURE your results

  • Annual TDM program reports
  • LEED ND compliance alternative commute Surveys
  • Program audits
  • Transportation surveys
  • Site specific TDM action plans
  • Site specific TDM strategic plans
  • Transportation management (TMA) feasibility studies & strategic plans
  • University campus plans

ENGAGE your audiences

  • Commuter outreach
  • Employer outreach training
  • Events
  • TDM outreach

Contact our TDM Team

Courtney Menjivar

Courtney J. Menjivar

Principal | (703) 676-3636

Courtney Menjivar is a passionate global implementer of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs. TDM programs aim to reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicles, giving more transportation choices to commuters and raising the value of real estate developments.

Courtney’s Full Bio

Justin Schor TDM expert consultant wells + associates

Justin Schor

Principal | (301) 971-3420

Justin Schor is a skilled and well-rounded transportation consultant with over two decades of forward-thinking Transportation Demand Management (TDM) experience in communities all over the United States. His skills span planning, developing, and implementing award-winning transportation solutions.

Justin’s Full Bio