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Nicholas A. Kosar

Nicholas Kosar digital marketing strategist

Nick Kosar oversees the digital marketing strategy at Wells + Associates. He manages the firm’s web development, social media marketing, content development, and digital engagement activities. In order to reach relevant audiences and engage with other thought leaders within today’s ever-changing transportation field, his work includes leading the technical aspects of digital engagement (including SEO management, keyword strategy, and measurement), web and digital design and art direction, digital ad campaigns, and alignment with the firm’s strategic growth strategies.


What made you interested in transportation?
I remember Tysons Corner, Virginia, as a kid in the '70s – a sleepy place based solely on car travel. But as anyone can see, Tysons the “edge city” is changing before our eyes and is a harbinger of shifts nationwide. It is fascinating to be directly involved with all the changes in transportation and living styles with Wells + Associates – a firm that is playing a big part in how our society is changing: the steady increase in transit and transportation options, the behavioral changes in how our society moves around, and an evolving suburban landscape. Every day it’s a pleasure to work with people who are truly “meeting the needs of a mobile society,” as our tagline says.
What is your personal life philosophy?
My favorite sports team, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in London, puts it well: “To Dare Is To Do.”
Where is your favorite place to travel and why?
Any kind of travel or destination is appealing to me, notably cross-country USA. But having lived and worked in Tokyo, I always relish a visit back to explore and enjoy. And, I feel I could explore London for a solid year and not feel satiated!
Favorite book?
An impossible question to answer, but I’ll give this one: Salt: A World History. A fascinating book. I’ve never been (politely) interrupted so many times when reading a book in public. “Excuse me, but what is that book you’re reading?”


  • Master of Business Administration, College of William and Mary
  • Bachelor of Arts, Russian Studies, University of Virginia
  • Certificate in Legislative Studies, Government Affairs Institute, Georgetown University

Professional Certifications

  • Google Analytics Certification, Google
  • Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International

Contact Info

Office: (703) 676-3637