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Kathryn L. Thompson

Kathryn Katie Thompson - TDM program specialist at Wells + Associates

Katie Thompson is a program specialist on the Mobility Management + TDM team with a background in car sharing, transit benefits and promotion, and sustainable urban planning. She is passionate about supporting people in finding their best commute and making non-SOV modes more attractive and easier to use than driving alone.

She supports TDM programs with daily interaction and support of our clients, marketing activities, and program management. Her work helps companies and properties foster higher density communities and transit-oriented, activate transportation, and hybrid programs that reduce vehicular congestion and parking facilities while providing a wider range of transportation choices for commuters.

Katie’s activities include marketing communications, client communications and relations, and the management and reporting of analytical data to support client programs.

She holds a master’s degree from George Washington University in Sustainable Urban Planning. Her educational background also includes studies in sustainable urban planning, environmental science, and literature analysis. Prior to working in the transportation and sustainable planning fields, she worked with farmers in Arkansas and Mississippi on food safety and product pricing.

Q + A

Favorite place to travel?
It’s a toss between Arkansas and Australia. Even though Australia is such a long trip, I would go back in a heartbeat as my brother and his family live in Australia while my parents live in Arkansas. Both are beautiful places where I have many happy memories.
Favorite sports team?
Mercedes with F1.
Go-to Starbucks order?
Iced matcha latte with brown sugar and oat milk (y’all Starbucks changed their Almond Milk distributer and it does not work with almond milk, trust me, I’m wayyy too picky about this stuff.)
Do you collect anything?
Books! Against my better judgement I keep collecting them. Many book collectors have compared it to like creating a wine collection. I do read them; I just buy them quicker than I can read.
Plane, train, car, or bike?
Trains! I wish there were more of them in the US. There’s a great Auto-Train from Northern Virginia to Orlando I took last year to go to Universal.
Favorite book to read?
I’m currently loving high fantasy with strong female leads that are super long but so easy to keep reading (think; Priory of the Orange Tree, The Final Strife, and Babel).


  • Master's in Sustainable Urban Planning, George Washington University
  • Bachelor's in Environmental Studies, Hendrix College


  • ActiveScore Accredited Professional (AP)

Contact Info

Office: (703) 676-3640