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Jim Watson, AICP, PTP

portrait of Jim Watson, AICP, PTP Wells + Associates

Jim Watson is a transportation planner with more than 15 years of experience in multimodal planning and design in the private and public sectors. In his transportation planning work in the District of Columbia, the Washington, DC metropolitan region, and across the country, he focuses on multimodal solutions, including roadway facilities, and bicycle, pedestrian, vehicular, and transit modes.

With a background ranging from real estate development projects, public sector planning, and shared mobility systems, Jim focuses on transportation solutions at the intersection of transportation planning, demand, policy, and design that improve the quality of life for those impacted by each project.

Jim’s transportation planning experience is wide ranging, including comprehensive transportation reviews (CTR); traffic impact analyses including the use of Synchro/Simtraffic models; parking, site access, and loading planning; transportation master plans for campuses and municipalities; curbside management and delivery analyses; interchange modifications; and shared parking demand studies.

Highlights of Jim’s work have included:

  • Transportation and parking analyses of Union Station in Washington, DC, including parking and loading facilities; reconfiguration of taxi, FHV, bus pick-up and drop-off facilities; and reconfiguration of vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian access
  • Parking studies of communities ranging from downtown areas like Uptown Charlotte, NC to suburban communities like Armonk, NY
  • Numerous comprehensive transportation reviews for developments in the District of Columbia, including detailed coordination with DDOT
  • Active transportation conceptual design plans for multiple state routes in New York and Ohio
  • Development of transportation master plans for downtown, suburban, and rural communities throughout the country
  • A two-way conversion study of a segment K Street in Washington, DC overlapping with future transit implementation plans, including signal modification, striping, and signing plans
  • Complete streets design plans for multiple residential corridors, including road diets and other roadway reconfigurations as well as the implementation of bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • The development of a travel management plans (TMP) to balance parking demand and supply and better manage morning student drop-off traffic at multiple schools in the District of Columbia and other states
  • Development of the transportation section of a Master Plan for Florida State University
  • Transportation analysis of proposed transit-oriented developments in California adjacent to planned stations along the Los Angeles Metro and VTA and BART in downtown San Jose.

Jim began his career in transportation planning at Wells + Associates. Since then he has managed multimodal services in the public sector, served public and private-sector clients in the transportation engineering and planning field, and most recently worked on large-scale public projects across the country while based in the New York City metropolitan area.

Q + A

How did you get interested in transportation?
I was obsessed with maps as a kid. My grandparents would buy a new Rand McNally road atlas every year and give me the old one which I would study endlessly.
Favorite vacation spot?
I’ve been fortunate to travel throughout Europe over the years, but my favorite spot is always that “new to me” European place I’ve never been to before.
How do you like to relax?
I’m probably the odd duck that finds a full day’s drive relaxing.
Favorite sports team?
I’m a third-generation Auburn Tiger alum with a healthy appetite for Atlanta Braves baseball.


  • Master of Arts, Transportation Policy, Operations, and Logistics, George Mason University
  • Bachelor of Aviation Management, Auburn University


  • American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)
  • Professional Transportation Planner (PTP)