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Jose Zurita Becerra, EIT

Jose Zurita - Design Engineer Associate at Wells + Associates

Jose Zurita Becerra is a design engineer on Wells + Associates’ traffic design team.

Jose works primarily in the Washington, DC area, including Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland, on projects including hospitals, schools and universities, institutions, and residential, commercial, and mixed-use areas.

He handles a wide variety of projects including traffic signal modification and design (including emergency signal design); traffic control analysis and signing plans; pavement marking, signing and striping plans; clearance interval calculations; AutoTurn analysis, and maintenance of traffic (MOT) plans. He also assists the TDM team with data collection and traffic counts.

Q + A

Who are your role models?
My role models are my Grandparents. They immigrated here in the 1980s from a poor town in Bolivia knowing zero English. Despite the odds, they became successful with both my grandparents being self-employed and running their own business. My grandma bought, fixed, and sold used cars - I remember helping her as a kid because I spoke and understood English better than she did. My grandpa and his brothers started their own construction company. I look up to them because they started from the bottom and managed to overcome the odds to have a successful life.
What made you interested in transportation?
I became interested in transportation after I took an Intro to Transportation course at GMU. I did very well and enjoyed the class. This led me to continue taking courses related to transportation.
How do you get to work?
I get to work by car. I thought about biking to work once the weather improves but I’d have to invest in a new bike first.
What is your favorite fast food chain?
Tropical Smoothie, that counts as fast food right? If not then I’d go with Panda Express.
How do you like to relax?
Listening to music, jogging, or taking shots at goal. It helps me clear my head and feel relief from stress that may be affecting my day.
Who is your favorite sports team?
Real Madrid all the way!! I became a fan in 2007 through a FIFA 08 video game and began following the team in real life by watching their games on tv.


  • Bachelor of Science, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University
  • Master of Science, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University


  • Engineer-in-Training (EIT): Virginia

Contact Info

Office: (703) 676-3621