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Street + Transportation Lighting Design

Lighting is an important aspect of street and transportation design. Our traffic and lighting design team, part of our Traffic Design Services, manages lighting projects for architects, civil engineers, developers, and public jurisdictions such as cities, counties, and municipalities.

Properly designed lighting, adapted for each situation, helps improve traffic flow, increase safety, reduce energy consumption, prevent lighting pollution, and improve communities.

We are often called upon to review or re-evaluate existing lighting conditions. Our experience includes:

  • Parking lot lighting
  • Lighting load design
  • Streetscape lighting, roadway lighting, roundabout lightin, and trail lighting
  • Lighting for walkways, pathways, and crosswalks
  • Intersection lighting, in conjunction with traffic signals
  • Upgraded lighting for enhanced lighting installations
  • Bollard lighting

W+A’s lighting design team includes licensed professional engineers, enabling us to help clients obtain site plan approvals in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our work is guided by the standards in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Properly applied and based on the type of road network, roadway lighting can be an important and useful alternative or addition to traffic control devices such as traffic signal and pavement marking and signing.

Technical Aspects of Street Lighting Design

The selection of lighting sources and luminaires plays an important role in designing effective and aesthetic lighting for transportation and community projects. Successful lighting projects, however, are based on a firm understanding of the technical aspects of lighting design.

Our street lighting consultants, member of our Traffic Design team,  are well-versed in handling the technical details of lighting plans and designs in order to keep projects on track. Depending on the project, we focus on circuit design, photometrics, voltage drops, control systems, service connections, wiring diagrams, spacing (between lights, in alternating lights, and in parallel lights), cutoff lenses, and site lighting. We aim to achieve sufficient and uniform lighting on roadways to maximize safety and drivability. We also focus on lowering light, spillover lighting, and lighting pollution.

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Christopher Turnbull

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Chris Turnbull has provided transportation planning and traffic design solutions for both private real estate developers and public sector clients for three decades on projects across the United States – from the Washington, DC metro area to the Midwest and West Coast.

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