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Andrew C. Buntua, P.E.

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Andrew Buntua is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) and handles traffic, parking, and transportation planning and engineering projects in multiple jurisdictions within Virginia and Maryland.

A civil engineer, he has provided traffic, parking, and transportation planning and engineering for Wells + Associates clients since 2012. His experience includes traffic impact studies, parking analyses, capacity analyses, signal warrant analyses, and data collection.


How did you get interested in transportation?
Transportation affects my daily life, so I was always interested in learning more about it.
Personal life philosophy?
Anything is worth trying at least once.
Favorite vacation spot?
The beach. Doesn’t matter where, as long as there’s sunshine and water.
How do you relax?
Exercise or any other sort of physical activity always helps me to unwind.
Favorite fast food chain?
What do you collect?
Clothing tags


  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech


  • Professional Engineer (P.E.), Virginia

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Office: (703) 676-3645