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William F. Johnson

Senior Associate

Will has more than a decade of experience in transportation engineering. He is responsible for managing and overseeing a variety of projects, including traffic impact studies, bicycle and pedestrian evaluation, freeway and limited access studies, master plan studies, capacity analyses, roundabout analysis and design, signal warrant analysis, micro-simulation analyses, directional distribution analyses, and preparing technical reports. Will is a former Adjunct Instructor for Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering at George Mason University.


+How did you get interested in transportation? 
The first time I rode the Washington Metro when I was 11 years old I was amazed at the sheer number of people who can travel at once. It was my first experience with a large city public transit service and got me interested in how transportation works with urban planning.

+Personal life philosophy? 
Never be afraid to question the world around you. 

+How do you relax? 
I can usually unwind with an easy run listening to my favorite music, or doing a little yard work. Alternatively, I certainly don’t mind reading on the back porch or vegging on the couch watching TV. 

+Best advice you’ve ever received? 
Perennial wisdom from my grandmother: “Don’t sweat the small stuff...” 

+Favorite fast food chain? 

+Uber or Lyft? 


Master of Science, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University  
Bachelor of Science, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University 

Professional Registrations 

Professional Engineer (P.E.): Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia


Johnson, William and Aimee Flannery. Estimating Speeds at High-Speed Rural Roundabouts. Third International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design. Chicago, Illinois, 2005.

Academic Positions

Adjunct Instructor (2009-2010), Department of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University

CEIE 461/561 – Traffic Engineering 
CEIE 301 – Engineering and Economic Models 

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