West Alex TMP Program Management in the City of Alexandria - Wells + Associates

Nicholas Kosar

West Alex is a mixed-use, multi-building development in the City of Alexandria, Virginia. Located approximately four miles from the nearest Metrorail station, and served by several DASH and Metro bus routes, West Alex is classified as a Tier 3 development due to its mix of uses and development size, meaning it is required by the City of Alexandria to develop and implement a stand-alone Transportation Management Plan (TMP).

Wells + Associates was hired by the West Alex development team as the TMP Coordinator under the City’s Special Use Permitting process.

As the TMP Coordinator, Wells + Associates oversees all aspects of the West Alex TMP Program, including developing, implementing, and monitoring program elements, acting as liaison between West Alex and the City of Alexandria’s Transit Services Division, overseeing the day-to-day operations and marketing of the onsite TMP Program (Go West Alex), and establishing and documenting the annual TMP budget.

Under the requirements of West Alex’s Special Use Permit, the development includes a goal of achieving a 30% non-SOV (single-occupancy vehicle) mode split for vehicular trips to and from the site. Our assistance in fulfilling this requirement included identifying locations and assisting in implementing bicycle accommodations, identifying locations for potential carshare vehicle parking spaces, implementing a parking management program, and establishing a rideshare program.

Marketing and promotions elements for the TMP include:

  • Designing, producing, and distributing move-in packets for new residents and employees, including a site-based transportation access guide
  • Using TMP funds to purchase transit SmarTrip cards, which can be used on any bus line or Metrorail in the entire region
  • Coordinating individualized target marketing and events regarding travel options for the residents and employees of West Alex
  • Creating and maintaining the TMP website
  • Serving as liaison for outreach and marketing with other mobility partners such as Commuter Connections to participate in activities such as Car-Free Day and Bike to Work Day

TMP/TDM Surveys + Reporting

The TMP Coordinator responsibilities for West Alex include reporting and surveying responsibilities. We provide semi-annual TMP Fund Reports to the City’s Transit Services Division, a process which summarizes the contributions to and expenditures from the TMP Fund, accompanied by supporting documentation. We distribute, process, analyze, and summarize the City of Alexandria’s annual survey to all employees and residents, and prepare and submit to the City of Alexandria an Annual Report based on TMP program requirements.

For more information on our work handling TMPs in the City of Alexandria, visit our Transportation Management Plan page.

Images courtesy Weingarten Realty.