Mosaic: TDM Program Management and Trip Reduction in Fairfax County, VA - Wells + Associates

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Transportation Demand Management Program Works to Dramatically Reduce Vehicle Trips

Mosaic is a mixed-use project that, at full build out, will total up to 749 residential units; up to 171,000 S.F. of office space; up to 120,000 S.F. of theatre; up to 364,000 S.F. of hotel; and up to 675,000 S.F. of retail. Mosaic is located near the intersection of Gallows Road and Lee Highway in the Merrifield area of Fairfax County, Merrifield.

Mosaic represents a true live, work, and play environment, giving residents, employees, and visitors a plethora of options for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Located less than a mile from the Dunn Loring/Merrifield Metro Station, Mosaic is the perfect location for those looking for connectivity, while living in a unique community.

Wells + Associates’ Fairfax County team manages the ongoing marketing and outreach efforts for Mosaic, including the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program, Mosaic Green Commute. The TDM program’s objective is to help residents and employees of Mosaic to commute to and from the area using any of the various alternative transportation options. The TDM project has a single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trip reduction goal of 30% for residential trips and 20% for office trips.

The community’s onsite TransitScreen, centrally located at the property, provides real time transit and traffic information. The TransitScreen also provides information about the Mosaic Shuttle, which is operational during peak hours to take residents and employees to and from the nearby Dunn Loring/Merrifield Metrorail Station, and thence to other locations in Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC region.


W+A manages the traveler information website for Mosaic,, which offers travel tips for getting around the area, commuting help, and a way to get questions answered. W+A also provides personalized commute plans for employees and residents of Mosaic. Based on where each person lives and works, these plans offer the best routes to reduce stress and improve quality of life.

W+A seeks creative and fun ways to engage residents and employees in a dialogue about their commute. We do this by organizing events like transportation fairs, “bike to work day pit stops,” and “try transit week incentive campaigns”. We also meet with Mosaic partners on a continuous basis to provide updates about the Mosaic Green Commute program.


Importantly, we perform program monitoring and evaluation to ensure Mosaic’s goal of SOV trip reduction of 30% for residential trips and 20% for office trips is met. Our work involves an annual survey of residents as well as employees across every sector of this mixed use location: retail, hotel, and office.

We also perform annual traffic counts for Mosaic. This data is analyzed to conclude if the Mosaic Green Commute program is reaching its goals. To date, Mosaic has consistently met and exceeded its trip reduction goals.

W+A also prepares an annual report detailing the TDM program’s efforts and activities for each year. This report is submitted Fairfax County.