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Kathryn Katie Thompson - TDM program specialist at Wells + Associates

Kathryn L. Thompson

Katie Thompson is a program specialist on the Mobility Management + TDM team with a background in car sharing, transit benefits and promotion, and sustainable... Read

Jonathan D. Nevius

Jonathan Nevius is a Marketing Coordinator on Wells + Associates’ Mobility Management + TDM team, with a background in project management, digital marketing, and RFP... Read

Marie Cox TDM senior program manager and mobility consultant Wells + Associates

Marie Cox, TDM-CP

Marie Cox is an accomplished project manager and sustainable mobility consultant who helps communities and workplaces shape the future of transportation through empowering individuals with... Read

portrait of Sid Rayaprolu Geospatial Data Scientist

Sid Rayaprolu

Sid Rayaprolu is a data scientist on the transportation demand management (TDM) and mobility management team at Wells + Associates, focusing on GIS and data... Read

portrait of amy brokaw graphic designer

Amy Brokaw

Amy Brokaw is a visual problem solver with expert-level Adobe Creative Suite skills. An accomplished graphic designer with classic print design skills, she regularly works... Read

Linsey Burch Wells + Associates

Linsey Burch

Linsey Burch is a seasoned senior project manager on the Mobility Management + TDM team with a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes across... Read

Courtney Menjivar

Courtney J. Menjivar

As Vice President of Mobility Management + TDM, Courtney Menjivar helps businesses, developers, and communities navigate the increasingly complex challenges of transportation, parking, and tenant... Read

Justin Schor

Justin Schor is Vice President of Business Development and is a skilled and well-rounded transportation consultant with over two decades of forward-thinking Transportation Demand Management... Read