Go Buffalo Niagara: Development of TDM Business Plan - Wells + Associates

Wood Street

Strategic Planning for a New Regional Program

Wells + Associates was hired by the Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council (GBNRTC) to develop a business plan for a transportation demand management (TDM) organizational framework for the Buffalo region (Go Buffalo Niagara). Our firm led a team that included the Buffalo office of a multinational engineering and design company; one of the country’s oldest and most respected TMAs based in the Northeast; and a nationally renowned expert in urban planning, telework, and transportation.

Our team engaged with local stakeholders, recommended an organizational structure, and developed best practice case studies that were relevant to Go Buffalo Niagara’s mission to create a more sustainable commuting system for the region’s employees, students, and tenants.

The final report, Go Buffalo Niagara: Scaling Up Transportation Demand Management to the Regional Level, is available online and references Wells + Associates’ work with WSP, the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association, and telework authority Elham Shirazi.

Key to our work was the development of a detailed action plan highlighting specific steps to take to initiate and fund Go Buffalo Niagara’s services to commuters, employers, and developers. The associated funding plan was designed to identify potential private and public sector revenue sources to ensure Go Buffalo Niagara’s long-term success and viability.  As part of this process, we helped stakeholders identify GObike Buffalo as the best organization to house the Go Buffalo Niagara program and lead the efforts to implement the action plan and identify funds.

The business plan also included a marketing and communications component to build awareness of Go Buffalo Niagara’s mission to serve as a commuting resource for the Buffalo Niagara region. The marketing strategy includes a mix of emails, social media, printed materials, direct mailers, and events in order to deliver a compelling message for individuals, commuters, and organizational stakeholders.

The resulting Go Buffalo Niagara Business Plan will help ensure the region is ready to handle the anticipated demand for TDM services that are required by the City of Buffalo’s recently approved Green Code.