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Bike to Work Day: Engaging with Bicyclists at our 2024 Pit Stops

Every May, our Mobility Management + TDM team gets into gear to participate in Bike to Work Day to encourage more people to take their bicycles and consider new ways to commute to work. 

Rain or shine, hot or cool weather … it’s always a good time. This year’s theme? #BikeLove 

A big shout out to our Pit Stop team in Tysons, including Linsey Burch, Brant McKinney, Bianca Salle, and Griffin Kuhn, for their exceptional efforts and dedication working with our partners MITRE. Additionally, we thank our Mosaic District team and our partners at EDENS for all their planning and “day of” work, including Kathryn Thompson, Jonathan Nevius, Ryan Chua, Adam Stitt, Kim Deering, Chantal Hughes, and Steven Stavropoulos.

The Mosaic District Pit Stop

They held steadfast to their vision of creating a space for more than 185 residents, employees, and visitors to feel comfortable engaging with the bicycling community, regardless of skill level, age, or usual mode of transportation with food, activities, and giveaways to celebrate and encourage bicycling and active transportation. 

Over 350 bikers passed through, including over 100 bicyclists who chose Mosaic District as their official registered stop and 38 newbies who joined Bike to Work Day for the first time. Some great dogs came by too, adding a pawsitive touch to the event!

The event showed a 12% increase in registration, a 23% increase in first-time Bike to Work Day participants, and a 107% increase in final attendance compared to 2023.

To achieve these results, the team implemented new strategies to engage a wider audience, including: 

      • Pit-stop-specific social advertising
      • Retro-themed immersive photo ops
      • New Video for social ads and LUCY Screen
      • Enhanced communication with retail vendors and registrants

A special thanks to all of our Bike to Work Day Pit Stop Partners!

  • DJ Lady B
  • Alta Strada
  • Jinya
  • SweatHouz
  • Inova
  • Bash
  • Just Ice Tea
  • Lather
  • NOVA Cycleworks
  • Tiny Dancers
  • Mom and Pops
  • OVME
  • Lather
  • Pupatella
  • Bartaco
  • Caboose Brewing