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Six W+A Team Members Certified as ActiveScore Accredited Professionals (AP)

Congratulations to our Mobility Management + TDM team members who have been certified as ActiveScore Accredited Professionals (AP). ActiveScore AP professionals assess and certify best-in-class active transportation facilities by identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing best practices in active transportation infrastructure. This advancement underscores our partnership with ActiveScore and our dedication to empowering our commercial real estate partners to improve and gain recognition for their active mobility facilities.

Our ActiveScore AP team members are:  

Active transportation includes biking, walking, running, skateboarding, and scootering. As transportation networks become more multimodal and competition for tenants and occupancy increases, properties increasingly appreciate the importance of providing robust active transportation facilities.  

ActiveScore Certification Explained

ActiveScore Certification is the definitive accreditation for active travel offerings in real estate. ActiveScore APs assess and rate buildings using a transparent, scientific methodology developed in partnership with urban planners and experts from the bicycling and active travel industry. An ActiveScore rating clearly communicates a building’s future-proofed credentials to prospective tenants, partners, and users. 

From an entry-level Certified rating to a world-class Platinum 100, the ActiveScore system is designed to encourage amenity upgrades where possible. Certification ratings include: Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum 100.   

Types of Properties That Can Be Certified

Certification is available for a wide range of types of properties, including:  

  • Commercial: Every kind of office building can be certified, including business parks and industrial parks. 
  • Residential: Residential developments of all sorts are covered by ActiveScore certification.  
  • Mixed Use: ActiveScore certification can be applied to all land use within a mixed-use development. 
  • Retail: Any retail space with active travel offerings can be certified, from individual mobility hubs to entire shopping centers.  
  • Hotels: Many hotel guests now prefer to explore by bicycle and other active transportation modes. Staff and day visitors also are on the lookout for these options. 
  • Large Scale: There is no limit to the size of projects that can be certified, from business parks to vertical cities to new eco-villages.

Contact the W+A ActiveScore AP team today to review your building, get a cycle-friendly rating, and receive suggestions to improve your building’s rating.