Potomac Yard: Transportation Impact Studies and Traffic Signal Plans - Wells + Associates

Wood Street

Potomac Yards was a 320-acre railroad yard located immediately south of Crystal City and within view of the U.S. Capitol, in Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, VA. Potomac Yards are being redeveloped as an exciting 13 million S.F. high-density, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use community.

W+A has provided transportation consulting for over 15 years to the successive owners of the Yards, including RF&P Railroad, Alexandria 2020, RF&P Corporation, Commonwealth Atlantic Properties (CAP), Crescent Resources, The Meridian Group, MRP Realty, and purchasers of individual land parcels. We assisted the owners in preparing master plans and traffic design guidelines for the Alexandria and Arlington portions of the site.

We also

  • conducted detailed transportation impact studies that supported project entitlements
  • evaluated the phased construction of on- and off-site transportation improvements
  • conducted traffic impact studies for the Potomac Yards Center, other interim uses, and individual land bays
  • evaluated traffic impacts of straightening the Route 1/Monroe Avenue bridge
  • forecasted patronage at a potential new Metro station
  • prepared transportation management plans in Alexandria and Arlington
  • prepared traffic signal, pavement marking, and maintenance of traffic plans
  • This project involved extensive public involvement. W+A also provided expert witness testimony before various citizen groups, the Alexandria and Arlington Planning Commissions, the Alexandria City Council, and the Arlington Board.