Village at Leesburg: Traffic Studies, Road Network Improvements for Rezoning - Wells + Associates

Wood Street

Village of Leesburg is located south of Route 7 (East Market Street) and north of Tuscarora Creek, straddling Crosstrail Boulevard. The town center parcels have been built, along with a new interchange on Route 7 at Crosstrail Boulevard and Russell Branch Parkway.

Solving the transportation challenges associated with the rezoning of Village of Leesburg was a major hurdle. W+A was retained by Kettler to prepare a traffic impact study to measure the impacts of the project on the adjacent road network. W+A has prepared additional operational studies as the Village at Leesburg developed and land uses changed.

Our study concluded the road system serving the area would be enhanced as a result of the roadway improvements. We demonstrated that the grade separated interchange intersections on Crosstrail Boulevard and Russell Branch Parkway could operate at acceptable levels of service, and commuter traffic along Route 7 would be improved by eliminating the traffic signals at River Creek Parkway and Route 653.

W+A also concluded that a diamond interchange would accommodate near- and long-range traffic forecasts. We found that the diamond interchange would operate similar to the previously proposed cloverleaf interchange, but take less land area to construct.

We also participated in several meetings with Town of Leesburg, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and citizens. Our team provided expert testimony before the Planning Commission and the Town Council.