The Calvert: Parking Demand and Intersection Analysis - Wells + Associates

Wood Street

The Calvert is located in Alexandria, VA on the west side of Mount Vernon Avenue, between Sanborn Place and Kennedy Street. It currently consists of 187 residential apartments and approximately 16,207 S.F. of retail/restaurant uses. The site is planned to be refurbished and expanded to provide a total of 332 apartments and 10,499 S.F. of retail space. It will be served by both surface and structured parking. However, due to the site configuration, a limited number of parking spaces can be provided on-site. A parking variance will be required.

To meet the challenge of limited spaces, UDR retained W+A to prepare a traffic impact study, parking demand analysis, and transportation management plan. Our traffic study included a vehicular and pedestrian evaluation of key intersections surrounding the site and identified non-auto transportation options, including an inventory of public transportation, bus stops, pedestrian facilities, and bicycle facilities.

W+A prepared a detailed parking demand study based on parking occupancy counts and an evaluation of parking permits provided at the existing building. This data was used to determine the appropriate parking ratio based on proximity and availability of transit and a detailed parking operations plan.

Additionally, our detailed transportation management plan recommended measures to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips and a parking management plan to serve residents and retail patrons.

The project was approved by both the City of Alexandria Planning Commission and City Council and is currently under construction.