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Transportation Demand Management Provides Springhill Station Commuting Alternatives

Tysons Spring Hill Station is a planned transit oriented mixed-use development located just south of the Dulles Toll Road off Leesburg Pike. The project consists of three “neighborhoods,” all developed within half a mile of the Spring Hill Station on the Metro Silver line. The neighborhoods consist of 17 separate buildings which will support approximately 6 million square feet of residential, office, retail, and hotel uses. The Ascent is the first fully constructed building on the property, and is located on Broad Street. With 26 floors, this residence is the tallest high rise apartment in Tysons Corner.

W+A manages the ongoing marketing and outreach efforts for Tysons Ecommute, a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program designed to assist residents as they travel and commute to and from The Ascent. Tysons Ecommute will also assist the entirety of Tysons Spring Hill Station as the other 16 buildings are constructed.


W+A provides individualized transportation assistance and choices to improve daily commutes to and from The Ascent. Extensive assistance and outreach are provided through state of the art traveler information website,, email outreach through, social media, and many interactive and informational events.

Branding awareness in a new community with a new program is of the utmost importance. Through customized welcome folders for new tenants, information racks in the mail room, customized garage decals in the bike maintenance room and near bike racks, as well as hosting multiple events onsite, Tysons Ecommute has become a staple program at The Ascent.

Over the past two years, Tysons Ecommute been customized to the residents of The Ascent and their individual lifestyles. When the Silver Line was delayed six months, many tenants without cars were left stranded. With Tysons Ecommute, W+A created customized pieces to give residents alternatives to riding Metro, including bus schedules to the closest Metro locations and access to local ridesharing and cab information. Also, we implemented the first onstreet carshare vehicle in Tysons.


W+A performs program monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the goal is achieved of 35 percent reduction in single occupancy trips one year after the first non-residential use permit is issued.