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Colorado Transportation Consultants

At Wells + Associates, we improve transportation systems with services that range from creating more transportation options with TDM solutions to the development of improved parking solutions and engineering and planning services.

Across Colorado, we serve:  

Our team members are known for their ability to integrate transportation expertise into our clients’ multi-disciplinary teams – helping developments cross the finish line.  

Transportation Services in Colorado

Across the state and in each client engagement, our goal is to create multi-modal transportation plans and transportation and parking solutions that result in the most innovative, creative, and useful designs for our clients’ projects. 

Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

Our TDM team plans, creates, promotes, and evaluates convenient alternatives to driving, to get cars off the road and/or out of your garage, to create work-life balance, and to reduce stress. We do so by changing travel behavior, particularly at peak commute hours. Our TDM project work helps increase density and reduce parking construction costs while fostering transit-oriented development, complete streets, walkable activity centers, livability and sustainability initiatives. 

Visit our Denver TDM Plan page to learn more about transportation demand management programs for the City of Denver.


We analyze, design, and modernize parking facilities not simply because they are integral parts of the entire transportation ecosystem, but because they are crucial to creating better office, residential, commercial, educational, and healthcare experiences. Our work ranges from parking systems that are still a concept on paper to facilities that have outlived their usefulness and need modernization.

Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

We provide a full range of traffic engineering services to private real estate developers, commercial enterprises, public agencies, and institutions such as universities and schools. For over 30 years, we have successfully completed more than 8,000 traffic engineering and planning projects in 39 states, the District of Columbia, and five foreign countries. 

Traffic-Related Permitting and Entitlement for Property Developers

Project and real estate developers are often required to obtain traffic and transportation-related permits as part of the entitlement process for proposed property development.

Wells + Associates’ Colorado-based traffic engineers and transportation experts work with developers to perform detailed traffic impact analyses and traffic studies to support development projects at the local and county levels. Depending on the needs of the developer and the entitlement process (rezoning, special use, etc.), we prepare a range of transportation reports, such as:

  • Traffic Impact Studies/Analysis
  • Traffic Letters
  • Traffic Conformance Letters
  • Transportation Information
  • Entrance Permits

Contact our Colorado Transportation Team

Lead for Parking + Traffic Studies

les adkins traffic engineer parking consultant wells + associates denver colorado

Lester E. Adkins III, P.E.

Principal | (303) 222-0077

Les Adkins is a transportation professional with experience managing the traffic, parking, and neighborhood traffic management aspects of a wide range of real estate development projects. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado.

Les’s Full Bio

Lead for TDM

justin schor tdm consultant wells + associates - co-author of ULI book Building a Multimodal Future

Justin Schor

Vice President | (301) 971-3420

Justin Schor has over two decades of forward-thinking Transportation Demand Management (TDM) experience in communities all over the United States. His skills span planning, developing, and implementing award-winning transportation solutions. He is the co-author of the Urban Land Institute’s book, Building a Multimodal Future: Connecting Real Estate Development and Transportation Demand Management to Ease Gridlock.

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