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Riaz Kureshi traffic engineer Wells + Associates Bethesda Maryland

A. Riaz Kureshi

Riaz Kureshi is a traffic engineer with experience working mainly on residential, commercial, and institutional developments in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, notably in Montgomery... Read

Seth Turnbull

Seth Turnbull is a member of our traffic design team and has experience working on mixed use, residential, commercial, retail, urban, and suburban projects in... Read

Jake Tufts, EIT

Jake Tufts is a traffic engineer with experience handling transportation planning, traffic engineering, and parking studies. His work has included parking, commercial, residential, and mixed-use... Read

Kathryn M. Morrissey - traffic engineer, Wells + Associates, Manassas office

Kathryn M. Morrissey, EIT

Kathryn Morrissey is a traffic engineer based in our Manassas office with experience working on traffic impact studies, traffic signal warrant analysis, parking supply and... Read

Hanna Popescu portrait - Wells + Associates traffic designer

Hanna Popescu

Hanna Popescu is a designer on the W+A traffic design team. As part of our transportation engineering and planning practice, she works on a wide... Read

david newberger traffic transportation engineer wells + associates

David P. Newberger, P.E., PTOE

David Newberger is an experienced traffic engineer with extensive experience handling traffic engineering design for both public- and private-sector developers throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, and... Read

benja mcdowell transportation traffic engineer wells + associates

Benja D. McDowell

Ben McDowell is a member of transportation planning and engineering team at Wells + Associates, based in the Manassas office. His work includes traffic impact... Read

Robert Browning PTP traffic engineer wells + associates

Robert M. Browning III, PTP

Robert Browning is a certified Professional Transportation Planner (PTP) and an associate in the transportation engineering and planning practice at Wells + Associates. With experience... Read

andrew buntua transportation traffic engineer wells + associates

Andrew C. Buntua, P.E.

Andrew Buntua is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) and handles traffic, parking, and transportation planning and engineering projects in multiple jurisdictions within Virginia and Maryland.... Read

kevin fellin transportation traffic engineer wells + associates

Kevin R. Fellin, P.E.

Kevin Fellin is a Principal in the transportation engineering and planning practice at Wells + Associates. He has been a transportation engineer since 2001 and... Read

agan husadzinovic wells + associates

Agan Husadzinovic

Agan has provided traffic counts and field data collection expertise for Wells + Associates since 2001. He has supervised the data collection process to ensure... Read