Veterans Affairs Health Care Centers: Traffic Impact Study, Environmental Assessment, and Traffic Signal Design - Wells + Associates

Nicholas Kosar

Wells + Associates was retained by TTL Associates, Inc. to evaluate the traffic impacts of two potential Veterans Affairs Administration (VA) Health Care Centers in Spotsylvania County, VA (Hood Site) and in the City of Fredericksburg, VA (Gateway Site).

The VA was planning to build a new healthcare center of 435,000 SF. As part of the site evaluations, our firm needed to address the traffic elements of the Environmental Assessment (EA) document prepared by TTL for submission to the VA to review and evaluate each site.

The EA requires a traffic study that adheres to local standards. Wells + Associates was selected due to our expertise in traffic engineering related to government facilities and knowledge of the area. In addition, each site had its own challenges relating to access given their proximity to I-95.

For each site, our team prepared a traffic study that evaluated traffic impacts based on the proposed facility, using unique trip generation information provided by the VA. We identified the road improvements needed to serve each site for the VA to use in its evaluation of both properties.

The VA ultimately selected the site located in Spotsylvania County for development. We then prepared a VDOT 870 study for the developer who was selected to build the project by the VA. Wells + Associates is also preparing the traffic signal design for the project while the facility is under construction.