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DDOT Kick Starts Its Update of moveDC – DC’s Long-Range Transportation Plan

The District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) is in the process of updating its long-range transportation plan, moveDC, with two virtual public meetings being held this week.

moveDC is the District of Columbia’s long-range multimodal transportation plan. It establishes goals, policies, strategies, and metrics for DDOT to invest in all modes of transportation.

Why update moveDC? As we know, transportation changes all the time. With a steady trend toward multimodal solutions and the impact of Covid-19, it makes sense to solicit feedback to update moveDC. In fact, the last time moveDC was updated was in 2016.

Or, as DDOT states, it needs “input from all residents to ensure that our long-range plan reflects the needs and priorities of a world class city like Washington, DC.” This includes:

  • Mapping mobility networks for bicycles, transit, and freight to achieve mode shift goals,
  • Addressing how emerging and future mobility trends and innovations will shape transportation,
  • Assuring transportation equity – the shared and just distribution of benefits and burdens when planning for and investing in transportation, and
  • Engaging with the community to develop a plan that reflects community values and meets federal requirements.

The moveDC update process starts in summer 2020 and is planned to be completed in the summer of 2021. As you can see from DDOT’s plan process chart, there will be two phases for public engagement.

movedc 2020 process flow chart by ddot
DDOT’s moveDC Process Flow Chart, 2020-2021. Source: moveDC website

Those who are interested in providing input can visit DDOT’s moveDC Public Survey. The survey will “help DDOT understand what District residents (and visitors) want for our transportation future.”

Our Washington, DC transportation consulting team is monitoring these developments. For more information visit the moveDC 2021 update web page.