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New Transportation Amenities for Older Properties

Increasingly, tenants are seeking amenities and services that are often the difference between choosing one property over another. One of the most effective ways to move more people into non-single occupancy vehicle transportation options is to provide facilities that increase the attractiveness of certain commute modes.

When it comes to providing tenants more transportation amenities, there are many options. Over the years, our TDM and Multimodal Management team has worked with properties to implement new transportation choices that many property owners had previously thought were unavailable.

Implementing new transportation amenities can involve handling vendor research, managing negotiations, and coordinating implementation. The following transportation amenities that can make your building more accessible for tenants who want more transportation choices.

Quick Links to the Amenity That Suits Your Needs:

Bike Storage Rooms

It’s important to let tenants know that cyclists are welcome. Bike storage rooms are more than simply an added facility. They communicate that your site is committed to making sustainable transportation as convenient as possible. What’s more, bike storage rooms can qualify sites for LEED points.

Bike Racks

The design and installation of bike racks should be done with care, since it says a lot about the importance a property places for bicycle riders. Not only do we assist with bike rooms and bike racks, but we help tailor the look and feel to the property or site. Issues to consider include: Are bike racks placed as close to building entrances as possible? Is bike parking placed in a visible, safe location? Does the rack support the weight of the bike, not just the wheel? When someone begins to depend on biking as a transportation mode, these little things become important.

Carpool + Electric Vehicle Parking Signage

Show your company’s green leadership and help achieve corporate social responsibility goals by letting residents know that carpools and low-emission vehicles are welcome at your site. These facilities also qualify a property for LEED points. A US Department of Energy survey showed that workers are 20 times more likely to buy a plug-in car if their employer offers at-work charging.

We design the carpool signs as well as coordinate their production and installation. We also analyze your site to assess how many carpool spaces you will need and the corresponding number of signs to produce. Your carpool spaces are only as effective as the way their use is managed, so we help you set up the registration and enforcement systems to ensure your carpool spaces are being used properly.

Bikeshare Stations

Bikeshare provides tenants a convenient, cost-effective, and healthy connection to local lunch and meeting destinations that have parking challenges or are a little too far for a walk. Our TDM team has been instrumental in accelerating bikeshare station installation to create  more transportation choices for the buildings we work with.


Bus shuttles are important. Residents and employees acutely feel the need for them when they are absent. In many instances, people need to get to nearby locations quickly, without having to walk or ride a bike. Shuttles are an ideal way to connect properties to nearby transit facilities or lunch-time retail locations. We have the industry knowledge to help you choose and integrate shuttle providers into your transportation system, as well as negotiate shuttle pricing based on service times and routes.

Carshare + Ride-Hailing Systems

Another way to provide convenience and choice to tenants and employees is to minimize the reasons for employees to need to drive to your site. This can be accomplished by giving them access to a car when they need it during the day. Carsharing is a form of car rental in which people rent cars for short periods of time, often by the hour, and is attractive to people who make only occasional use of a vehicle, such as to get to a meeting off site or head out of town for the weekend. Another option is to offer residents a discounted fare on a ride-hailing system like Lyft or Uber between your site and a specified destination by creating a geofence around the property.

Our Connect+ team assesses your site to determine which services provide the most cost-effective solutions for your needs. We also take care of all the vendor negotiations and service communications to ensure that your tenants are aware you are offering them this amenity.

Transit Information Screens

Enhance the perception of access to and from your properties with real-time information on transit, rideshare, bikeshare, and carshare customized to your site. Such real-time transportation data systems help people decide whether to leave the office or consider waiting until traffic dies down.

Whether you are looking to have a traditional screen in your lobby or something more innovative, like projecting it onto a glass door, we take care of everything you need to offer your tenants creative digital information solutions that are customized to the audience and the choices available at each site.


Amenity visibility is important – so much so that properties should ensure that transportation amenities can be easily seen by prospective tenants as part of a walk-through. Upgrading pedestrian wayfinding around your site can be accomplished with dynamic projection-based signage. We assist with design and installation of customized wayfinding systems.

Personal Transportation-Related Assistance

Tenants increasingly are concerned about how residential and office properties can facilitate transportation in an increasingly hectic society. The “personal touch” that facilities can offer, concierge-style, make a difference in both finding and keeping valuable tenants.

W+A provides the communications necessary to help residential and corporate tenants understand the best transportation choices to get to and/or from your site. These include:

  • Personalized Tenant Travel Assistance: People are used to routines, including when commuting. Oftentimes, new options are available but residents and workers remain unaware. Our Connect+ team helps tenants understand the best transportation choices to get to and/or from your property.
  • Individual Target Marketing: We provide personalized travel assistance to help people understand the full range of transportation choices available. This begins with understanding a person’s travel needs and then identifying solutions – sometimes previously unknown to them – that address these needs.
  • Individual Tenant Relocation Travel Planning: Everyone hates to move! Potential residential and office tenants are not just concerned with their new living or working space, but with how they will relocate to and then adapt to it. We provide research, information assembly, and communications services to ensure that a property’s tenants feel confident about their new location and available commuting choices. For example, one strategy is to distribute personalized step by step transit plans along with preloaded transit cards to new tenants to make it easier for them to understand their choices and try transit in lieu of driving.
  • Expert Travel Planning: W+A’s Connect+ team believes in a hands-on approach that offers personalized transit assistance which can include assistance with a tenant’s travel plans. Our services include research, information assembly, and communication.
  • Public Space Programming: Improving livability sometimes involves public space programming, notably during peak traffic congestion times. In addition to this, the marketability of a site can be improved by making it clear that cool things are going on at your site. Free yoga on the plaza during peak travel times, happy hours and events rather than rush hour frustration – programs like these are a visible and tangible reminder that your property makes lives better. We help make these happen.
  • Website: In a smartphone-enabled world, people want and expect information at the tap of a finger or click of a mouse. We help properties build websites and online presences so that tenants can easily access the full range of transportation choices available at their site.
  • Site-Specific Access Guide: While we assist in the development and production of comprehensive transportation access guides for properties, we also believe in the importance of customizing each TDM program to integrate it with our clients’ unique brand. Presenting the full range of transportation choices to your tenants should help them while assuring them of your commitment to their well-being.
  • Travel Awareness Campaign: Our Connect+ team creates and implements travel awareness campaigns to ensure tenants are aware of a property’s unique transportation offerings as well as any other transportation and commuting options in the surrounding area.

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Courtney J. Menjivar

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Justin Schor

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