Transportation Planning Services

transportation planner, transportation planning dc md vaWells + Associates’ transportation planning consultants have prepared hundreds of transportation master plans for private organizations and public agencies throughout the United States, including in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.. But what does a transportation planner do?

Transportation planning is the process of defining and guiding the goals, investments, and designs that efficiently move people and goods to their destinations. W+A’s transportation planners consider a wide range of alternatives and impacts on the transportation system to help create the best outcomes for our clients.

Planning Optimal Transportation Systems

Transportation services and facilities support and fundamentally shape major activity centers, including cities, towns, suburbs, and metropolitan regions. These streets, trails, and open spaces frame the blocks within which structures (such as offices, schools, and retail stores) are built.

transportation planner dc va md, wells + associates transportationTraditional, fine-grained, connected networks of arterial (higher capacity), collector (medium capacity), and local (lower capacity) streets offer multiple route choices, disburse traffic over multiple streets, and provide more capacity than contemporary, sparse, collector-and-cul-de-sac networks.

Two concepts help transportation systems work optimally:

  • “Connectivity” makes a community more walkable and serviceable by integrating public transit into the transportation plan.
  • “Complete streets” accommodate all modes (including cars, trucks, buses, bicyclists, and pedestrians) for all people (including the mobility-impaired).
W+A Transportation Planning Services

We have successfully prepared short-, intermediate-, and long-range transportation master plans for downtowns, central business districts, large land parcels, institutions, cities, towns, and sub-regions. Our clients include private real estate developers, institutions, and public agencies.

We have prepared hundreds of transportation master plans, in more than 30 states, for private real estate developers, public agencies, and institutions.

Our transportation planning services include:

  • Transportation master plans
  • Campus master plans
  • Corridor Plans
  • Comprehensive/master plans
  • Travel demand forecasts
Multimodal Planning
  • Sustainable transportation planning
  • Pedestrian planning
  • Bicycle planning
  • Transit planning
  • Parking studies
  • Parking planning and design
  • Transportation Management (TMP)/Travel Demand Management (TDM) Plans
Network Planning and Design
  • At-grade intersection and grade-separated interchange planning and design
  • Street and highway planning and design
  • Intersection, interchange, and link capacity analyses
  • Roundabout planning and design
  • Micro-simulation studies
  • Corridor studies
  • Traffic signal systems planning and design
  • Traffic calming studies