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Parking and Traffic Planning for a Major University Sports Facility

Football games are a cherished tradition at Auburn University. Many loyal Tiger fans have attended every home game for many years. The games are a cause for celebration by faculty, staff, students, alumni, and their guests and families.

A few years ago, traffic and parking were becoming increasing problems on football game days when 87,000 fans filled Jordan-Hare Stadium on campus. Fans were parking legally and illegally throughout the campus, sometimes disrupting the academic environment, damaging university property, and creating safety hazards. It would take up to three hours to clear stadium traffic from the campus. Shuttle buses were under-utilized, and traffic and parking regulations were difficult to enforce. The university had a duty and need for change.

Wells + Associates’ parking consultants and traffic engineers worked closely with Auburn University to develop and implement game day parking, traffic, shuttle bus, enforcement, and communications plans. Major elements of these plans included creation of an RV-free zone in the campus core; installation of new bollards to prevent parking in sensitive areas; provision of alternative, free, replacement RV and mixed RV/auto parking lots; revised shuttle bus operations; and better enforcement. Wells + Associates met with key persons and groups to understand current problems, solicit ideas, and achieve consensus for the recommended plan.