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Telework Tips: Tysons Partnership’s “Teleworking During COVID19” Webinar

In case you missed it, Tysons Partnership hosted a helpful webinar late last week titled “Teleworking During COVID19.”

telework webinar screenshots in zoomRonit Dancis, Director of the Transportation Management Association at Tysons Partnership, hosted the webinar. We encourage you to give it a listen/watch. Each person had a helpful perspective to offer on how individuals and organizations can successfully move to a teleworking routine during the coronavirus pandemic and keep operations working as smoothly as possible. As Ronit stated, “These days, pretty much the only transportation solution anybody’s particularly interested in is teleworking. … Nobody here has one right answer or one perfect story.”

To entice you, we’ve excerpted some interesting quotes from each of the webinar panelists. Enjoy!

“Reality has outpaced our plan.” “Flash your video … so you have that social connection, but turn that off after a while … because of the bandwidth problem.” – Fred Zapp, MITRE – on going virtual seemingly overnight and being sensible with bandwidth limitations


“A huge part of it, in terms of collaborating, is the video piece to be able to keep that human connection while you’re working from home as a team.” – Rachel Karitis, TransitScreen – on the importance of the video connection


“We had to quickly adjust all our hiring, onboarding process to a virtual environment, and we have not stopped the making of offers or hiring people.” – Daniel Scheinkman, Freddie Mac – on how their HR team is using digital technologies to keep it “business as usual”


“This is a really good time to engage leadership in these discussions and have open and honest communication with them [about] the long-term potential of [telework] programs.” – Marie Cox, Commute66 – on how to foster the use of virtual communications


“Try to stick to a schedule and not work 24/7. … Make sure that all the employees are up to date on what the company is doing and how the company is moving forward.” – Linsey Burch, Wells + Associates – practical advice for both employees and employers

You can read Tysons Partnership’s original article about their teleworking webinar here.

Teleworking During COVID19 from Tysons Partnership on Vimeo.