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What Is a Multimodal Transportation Assessment in Arlington County?

Arlington County requires a Multimodal Transportation Assessment (MMTA) as part of the Administrative Regulations for 4.1 Site Plan applications. An MMTA is typically submitted as a part of the Final Submission package for a development’s 4.1 site plan and is usually the third submission that a development team may make as a part of the approval process. 

As with any development process, it can be important that a transportation consultant be included early in the process to guide the development team in the identification of potential access, circulation, or off-site transportation impacts. In addition, Arlington County also requires the submission of a proposed Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program that aligns with the County’s TDM policies.   

The MMTA is completed to support the County in their analysis of specific traffic or transportation impacts of the development proposal. Each MMTA is coordinated with staff from the Department of Environmental Services (DES) to identify the goals of the project. 

Typically, the goals of the MMTA process include impacts on: 

  1. Traffic
  2. Transit
  3. Pedestrian facilities
  4. Bicycle facilities

As the urban corridors and sector plans continue to develop in Arlington County, the transportation focus has improved to include multimodal facilities such as: 

  1. Streetscape design 
  2. Site frontage 
  3. Local access for each travel mode 
  4. Pedestrian facilities 
  5. Bicycle facilities 
  6. Parking supply and demand 
  7. Electric vehicle parking 
  8. Electric bicycle parking