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Webinar: Tenant Relocation: Site Selection + Travel Planning

Potential office tenants are not just concerned with their new working space, but with relocating, commuting and adapting to it. Research, analysis, information assembly, and communications services are key to ensure that a property’s tenants feel confident about their location selection and available commuting choices.

This second webinar in our Connect+ Express Webinar Series focused on how to win the amenities race by connecting tenants with knowledge, and educating and reassuring tenants with information about your property’s location and commuting options.

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Connect+ Webinar Series
Tenant Relocation: Site Selection + Travel Planning

Webinar Panelists:
Hillary Zahm, Senior Development Manager – Macerich
Jim Young, VP Corporate Facilities and Real Estate – Marriott International
Justin Schor, Principal, Wells + Associates (moderator)

Note: The webinar originally aired on Wednesday, January 31.

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