Webinar 2/28/18: Can Bikeshare Work in Suburban Edge Cities?

Webinar: Can Bikeshare Work in Suburban Edge Cities?

Is your company or property taking advantage of existing bikeshare facilities? You may be missing out on tapping into an important transportation amenity that is increasingly bringing value to commuters, employers, and properties. Why? Because Bikeshare can solve that last-mile connection to transit …

Our webinar on February 28, 2018 discussed how bikeshare works in suburban environments when you place them at locations where they can be used for last-mile connections to transit and promote them as an amenity for your building. This 3rd webinar in our Express Webinar series explained how bikeshare implementation can:

  • Add value to your property and entice more tenants
  • Help your property compete with TOD properties
  • Decrease single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips

Our panelists included:

Anthony Chang – VP, Asset Management – Washington REIT
Bradley Ericson – Sales Manager, Real Estate – Zagster
Justin Schor – Wells + Associates (moderator)