Connect Your Office to Transit: Ride-Hailing + Smarter Shuttles | W+A Webinar

Webinar: Connecting Your Office to Transit: Ride-Hailing and Smarter Shuttles

We work with office property managers and developers all the time, and it’s clear that many properties and employers want to improve access to transit and transportation options while reducing cost. When an office complex is not a brand-new, transit-oriented development, improving transportation options isn’t always easy.

This first webinar in our Connect+ Express Webinar Series focused on how integrating ride-hailing services and closely examining underperforming office shuttle operations can both improve transportation while lowering costs.

In this 30-minute Connect+ webinar (see below), representatives from Lyft, Beacon Capital Partners, JLL, and Wells + Associates discussed how they integrated transportation improvements at AMA Plaza in Chicago and how it can work elsewhere.

Connect+ Webinar Series
Office Shuttle Cost Reduction + Ride-Hailing Implementation

Webinar panelists:
Shane McLaughlin, Vice President, Beacon Capital Partners
Susan Hammer, Vice President/General Manager, JLL
Charles Frank, Account Executive – Strategic, Lyft
Justin Schor, Principal, Wells + Associates (moderator)

Note: The webinar originally aired on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.