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W+A Participates in ULI Panel: DC’s Historic Grant Building + Affordable Housing

Our firm has had the honor of participating in many Technical Assistance Panels (TAP) conducted by the Urban Land Institute (ULI). A recent ULI Washington TAP focused on the future of the historic Grant Building, a historic asset that is over 100 years old and sits across from President Lincoln’s Cottage, a historically preserved house where Lincoln spent time during the summers in Washington, D.C.

For a more complete on this unique affordable housing project as well as the parking and traffic issues related to it, visit our report, W+A Participates in ULI Technical Assistance Panel on Affordable Housing: Historic Grant Building in Washington, DC.

Summary of Grant Building ULI TAP

Wells + Associates’ Justin Schor participated with nine other members of the Grant Building TAP to provide advice on its future. To access ULI’s full report on this TAP, visit their website for ULI’s report on the Armed Force’s Retirement Home’s Grant Building: Imagining Future Uses for an Historic Asset.

The panel outlined three options:

  • Option 1: Stabilize the Grant Building
  • Option 2: Raze the Grant Building – with and without the possibility of new construction
  • Option 3: Rehabilitate the Grant Building for Affordable Housing

The Panel’s recommended option was to preserve the historic Grant Building and use the space for affordable housing targeted toward veterans with the option for a main floor amenity space to be accessed by residents, President Lincoln’s Cottage, and the surrounding community.

The Grant Building TAP’s panel chair was Norman Dong of FD Stonewater. Joining Justin Schor (Vice President of Business Development, Wells + Associates) on the panel were Mary Burkholder of BAE Urban Economics; Brad Cambridge of Beyer Blinder Belle; Mitch Crispell of Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH); Jon Fitch of MKSK; Merrill Hoopengardner, Community Development Professional; Mark Laudo of Grunley Construction Company; Catherine Miliaras of City of Alexandria Department of Planning & Zoning; and Stephanie Thomas of National Bankers Association Foundation.

Photo of Grant Building courtesy the Library of Congress