Transportation Choices in Tysons: More Bike Facilities Are Coming Online

Transportation Choices in Tysons: More Bike Facilities Are Coming Online

The heart of Tysons, Virginia is located two miles from the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail, one of the longest bike trails on the east coast. However, Tysons has only recently begun to transform to a more robust, bike-safe community

towers crescent bike faclities
Bike facilities in Towers Crescent, Tysons.

While the arrival of Capital Bikeshare in Tysons this month marked a major turning point for turning Tysons into a more bicycle-friendly area, other advancements have been in the works, albeit with less publicity than Bikeshare.

For example, Towers Crescent, one of Tyson’s largest business parks, located off Towers Crescent Drive, has been providing numerous biking amenities to their tenants for years. The business park launched their custom-built bike facility (see photo above) complete with maintenance stands, bike lockers, premier building access, and customized bike map decals in 2014. Although bike lanes, bike sharrows, and bike routes were still being painted and implemented in Tysons at the time, Towers Crescent wanted to be prepared for a future they were confident in.

towers crescent
Aerial view of Towers Crescent, Tysons, Virginia.

Towers Crescent has had a steady bike-to-work community since 2013 and hopes that the many biking improvements in Tysons will increase this population. This month, Capital Bikeshare added their own station to the community (see aerial shot) between buildings 1810 and 8020.

At W+A’s office complex on the western side of Tysons (Tysons Dulles Plaza off of Spring Hill Road and Tyco Road), shiny new bike maintenance and storage facilities are about to be unveiled in the parking garage, as shown below. Just down the street from us, for those with private bicycles, Metrorail stations feature bicycle rental lockers, such as these at Spring Hill Station on Leesburg Pike (top photo).

Combined with Capital Bikeshare’s presence, these bike facilities are an encouraging sign for increasing mobility choices in the area. We’re ready for more!

bikeroom tysons office
Bikeroom, TDP Plaza, Tysons, Virginia.