Recent Promotions at Wells + Associates: Congratulations to Our Team - Wells + Associates

Recent Promotions at Wells + Associates: Congratulations to Our Team

As we all steadily climb out of Covid, we thought it would be a good moment to recognize our team members who have been promoted to more senior positions at Wells + Associates over the last half a year. Throughout the challenges of the last year+, so many have risen to the occasion here at W+A. Congratulations to everyone for, as we say it, a job “Wells done.”

kevin fellin transportation traffic engineer wells + associates

Kevin R. Fellin, P.E.


Kevin has been a transportation engineer since 2001 and is experienced in traffic, parking, and transportation planning and engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Virginia and Maryland.

Favorite place to travel and why? The Val di Non in northern Italy. It’s where my family is from and where I spent many summers growing up.

Linsey Burch Wells + Associates

Linsey Burch

Senior Associate

Linsey has managed programs since 2008 on our TDM team. She specializes in marketing and communications, customer engagement, customer relations, event planning, social media, and business development.

Favorite vacation spot? Montego Bay: the most beautiful beaches. I can’t forget to mention Jamaica’s authentic beef patties, Reggae music and cliff diving.


Jose Zurita - Design Engineer Associate at Wells + Associates

Jose Zurita Becerra, EIT


Jose is a design engineer on our traffic design team, working on traffic signal modification and design; traffic control analysis and signing plans; pavement marking, signing and striping plans; and more. 

Favorite sports team? Real Madrid all the way!! I became a fan in 2007 through a FIFA 08 video game.

Dyron D. Capers, EIT


Dyron is a traffic engineer with experience working on mixed use, retail, restaurant, and residential projects in numerous jurisdictions in Virginia as well as states such as Maryland and Florida.

Who are your role models? My parents, both two very hard-working individuals who have always been there for me.


Evan Gittelman Wells + Associates

Evan Gittelman


Evan handles a wide range of transportation issues, including traffic impact studies, traffic forecasting, traffic analysis, and parking. He has a background in urban planning and policy research.

What is your favorite quote? “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

John A. Schick, PTP

Senior Associate

Based in our Charlotte office, John’s work as a transportation consultant in the Southeast spans transportation planning, traffic engineering, and construction.

Best advice you ever received? Don’t care what others think of you. When a person finally realizes this is when they learn to live and let go. You live once, so live it up.


Robert Browning traffic engineer wells + associates

Robert M. Browning III


Robert handles traffic impact studies, traffic signal warrant analysis, parking supply and demand studies, shared parking and parking variances, and queuing studies.

If you could live in any other time period, what would it be and why? The 1970s. This way I could better understand how my parents became who they are today.

grady vaughan traffic professional engineer wells + associates

Grady P. Vaughan, P.E.

Senior Associate

Grady manages a wide range of projects, including traffic impact studies, parking analyses, speed and signal warrant studies, and parking demand and supply analyses.

Favorite vacation spot? Fenwick Island, DE at my parent’s house on the water