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Connecting Real Estate Development and Transportation Demand Management in Charlotte

Newly published, ULI Charlotte’s Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) Report, called “Building a Multimodal Future in Charlotte,” explores how to expand the use of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) practices throughout the rapidly growing Charlotte metropolitan region.

“Building a Multimodal Future in Charlotte” published by ULI Charlotte.

The TAP effort was organized and managed by Theresa Salmen and the report was written by Trey Akers.

TAP panelists (including me, Craig Lewis with CallisonRTKL , and Tom Yardley with MASCO) reviewed briefing materials, performed research, and provided guidance on strategies that the city, its regional partners, and the private sector could more effectively use to understand and utilize TDM within regulatory frameworks, as well as in partnership with the development community.

It started with a webinar for the development community: “Easing Gridlock by Connecting Development & Transportation Demand Management,” where I was honored to join Christopher Forinash with Nelson Nygaard and Jay Corbalis with JBG Smith. The webinar covered a lot of ground by:

  • providing an overview of Charlotte’s planning efforts,
  • touching on shifting demographics and trends/preferences in housing and mobility,
  • discussing how TDM can help build a multimodal future, and
  • analyzing case studies of TDM strategies.

The effort continued by meeting with key real estate and development stakeholders including Eric Applefield with Grubb Properties, Nate Doolittle with LandDesign, Randy E. Goddard, PE with Design Resource Group, Erik Johnson with White Point Partners, Rachel Russell Krenz with Ram Realty Group, Matthew Lucarelli with Beacon Partners, Laura Reid, PE with Kimley Horn, Wells + Associates, as well as key City of Charlotte and Government Partners (including Julian Burton, AICP with CDOT, Robyn Byers with CDOT, Aaron Cook, EI with CDOT, David Harrison, AICP with CDOT, Jason (JL) Lawrence with CATS, Jerrel Leonard, AICP with Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization, Ed McKinney with CDOT, Tracy Newsome with CDOT, Felix Obregon, PE with CDOT, Johanna Quinn with CDOT, Courtney Schultz with CATS, and David Smith with CDOT).

This report organizes the panelists’ findings and offers direction in pursuing a successful TDM agenda throughout the Charlotte region.

One of the Key Recommendations is to “Adopt/codify the standards in the [Unified Development Ordinance] UDO,” which is in draft form now and available for review and comment at: