Wells + Associates Promotes Courtney J. Menjivar to Vice President of Mobility Management + TDM - Wells + Associates

Wells + Associates Promotes Courtney J. Menjivar to Vice President of Mobility Management + TDM

TYSONS, VIRGINIA (January 6, 2023) – Wells + Associates, founded in 1991 by Marty Wells and a leading provider of transportation consulting services, today announced the promotion of Courtney J. Menjivar to Vice President of Mobility Management + TDM.

In her new role, Courtney will guide our TDM and Mobility programs in the design and development of new and alternative transportation solutions. Because of her leadership in multimodal transportation, W+A offers multimodal transportation expertise supporting communities across the country. The result of our work in this area contributes to environmental sustainability, lowering transportation costs, and reducing gas emissions.

“Our clients come to us when they need to generate fewer vehicular trips,” said Michael J. Workosky, President of W+A. “Ridesharing, walking, biking, transit, and telework are just a few of the consulting solutions we offer. Courtney’s background and accomplishments in tenant, CRE, mobility management, and travel behavior change will enhance our goal of reaching businesses, developers, and communities to navigate the complex challenges we face in the transportation, parking, and tenant satisfaction fields.”

Courtney joined the firm in October 2011 as a Senior Associate to lead project development, implementation, and evaluation of TDM programs and marketing. By 2015, she successfully began guiding our real estate partners, team of market researchers, and strategic planners to assist properties in enhancing their tenants’ transportation experiences. In her new role, Courtney will continue to supervise our award-winning TDM and mobility programs focusing keenly on supporting developers and other CRE sector enterprises, optimizing their business models by integrating technology-based solutions, bridging the “last-mile” connection, and tapping into underutilized transportation amenities across the country.

“I am delighted to take on this new and exciting role within our firm,” said Courtney. “I am committed to a proactive and strategic approach to integrated corporate growth, management, leadership, and evolution of the firm based on our guiding principles and by empowering our team members. As an employee-owner, I value our team’s personal and professional growth. I will strive to convey a consistent message to motivate our team to reinforce our purpose, commitment, passion, and opportunity. I look forward to continuing to help real estate developments and communities create competitive advantages and improved commuter experiences by modernizing their approach to transportation solutions and new strategies, all while increasing the value of their investments.”