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It may be Halloween today, but we’re also wrapping up Energy Awareness Month here at Wells + Associates, where we have a particular taste for improving transportation sustainability and efficiency.
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This Fall, Wells + Associates was pleased to sponsor Arundel High School’s USBands Wildcat Spectacular, featuring 13 marching bands from high schools in Maryland.
by Lydia Shackelford
October is Energy Awareness Month. What does that have to do with transportation?
by Courtney J. Menjivar
If you are an older or suburban office complex that was built for car commuters, can you compete with properties that feature walk-to-transit locations and the latest spiffy amenities?
by Sami McPadden
Around the country, car-oriented suburban properties are trying to retool into redeveloped urban environments where residents, office workers, and shoppers can meet their needs near transit, withou
by Federico Tallis
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At the beginning of the famous play and film, A Streetcar Named Desire, the fictional Blanche DuBois ar
by John A. Schick
At a time of struggling brick and mortar retail centers, medical facilities see an opportunity: Hospital and healthcare systems are increasingly expanding their services into existing retail proper