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    Providing full service traffic engineering and transportation planning consulting

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    No matter where you are in the process, from entitlement to design, our complete services deliver proven results.

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    We are inspired to find and implement the best solutions with each and every project.

  • Transportation Demand Management

    Changing behavior to maximize transportation resources and improve quality of life

  • What is TDM?

    TDM encourages convenient alternatives to driving. It reduces travel demand by changing behaviors, particularly at peak commute hours.

  • Our Services

    TDM by W+A provides the full range of services, from planning, to implementation, to measurement. 

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We are the only transportation consultant you will ever need. W+A sets the pace in traffic engineering and transportation planning. And we lead the way in behavioral change that dramatically reduces traffic congestion and brings calm to stressful lives. We are making the world better one forward-thinking community at a time.

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Our strength lies in our people. We serve as our clients’ advocates. W+A brings broad experiences, depth, and backgrounds – and outstanding reputations – to every project. 

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