Dallas Market Center: Parking and Traffic Studies, Pedestrian Circulation - Wells + Associates

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Parking and Traffic Studies and Improvements, Transit Studies, Pedestrian Circulation

Dallas Market Center is a 5,000,000-square-foot wholesale trade center housing showrooms where manufacturers sell merchandise to large and small retailers. More than 100,000 people are attracted to Dallas Market Center during major market weeks.

Dallas Market Center is served by 13,500 parking spaces in 14 surface parking lots and two multi-level parking garages. Shuttle buses connect the Center to off-site hotels and parking facilities.  The on-site spaces serve employee, exhibitor, and buyer parking needs on small market days but not on major market days.  Traffic congestion on adjacent public streets, cut-through traffic, and on-site vehicular and pedestrian circulation problems also occur on major market days.

Wells + Associates evaluated existing parking and traffic operations and recommended improvements, including: re-striping surface parking lots to gain additional spaces; off-site employee parking; mandatory employee carpools; stacked parking for employees; new valet parking; improved shuttle bus service; promotion of nearby public rail and bus transit services; revised curb lines, driveway locations, and pavement markings to simplify and improve vehicular and pedestrian circulation; and improved signing on the Stemmons Freeway and adjacent public streets.