BreakShuttle - Wells + Associates


The Largest Provider of College Break Transportation Services in the United States

Since 2012, BreakShuttle has successfully provided safe and reliable academic break transportation at colleges and universities throughout New England, the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, the South, and Texas.

In 2017, BreakShuttle became a part of Wells + Associates, a transportation consulting firm that has been involved in planning and improving transportation systems in college communities for more than two decades.

The Need for Safe, Direct, and Affordable Academic Break Transportation

Many college students have limited options to travel home and back to school during academic breaks. Families with students who don’t live near campus know the frustration of last-minute rides with friends, bus and train stations and airports that are too far away, and long, tiring drives (many times provided by busy parents) to get home and back to campus.

BreakShuttle brings a trusted shared mobility solution to college campuses by providing direct, reliable, safe, and affordable transportation during academic breaks. With BreakShuttle, universities make their campuses more accessible and help families reduce the financial and logistical stress of having a child in college.

BreakShuttle’s full-time staff works with universities to coordinate travel arrangements for students. The service is fully insured with comfortable vehicles operated by responsible, courteous drivers.

Bring Breakshuttle to Your Campus

For more information or to bring BreakShuttle services to your campus, visit or contact TJ Miller.