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Patrick Monroe, P.E. Joins Wells + Associates’ Charlotte Office

(Charlotte, NC – September 20, 2023) Wells + Associates (W+A), a national transportation consulting firm, today announced that Patrick Monroe, P.E., has joined the firm’s Charlotte office. Prior to joining W+A, Patrick was a Senior Engineering Project Manager at the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT). 

Based in Charlotte, Patrick serves as the Regional Manager for the Wells + Associates team in Charlotte, the Carolinas, and in the Southeast. He has an extensive background in the field of transportation and traffic engineering including preparing traffic impact studies, access management review, traffic signal design, multimodal assessments, and performing independent reviews of land development and roadway infrastructure projects. Through his work Patrick has developed a thorough understanding of the regulatory standards and general best practices established for the City of Charlotte, the Carolinas, and the greater Southeast region.   

Michael Workosky, President of Wells + Associates, stated: “We are delighted to have Patrick on board. Our team has had a presence in Charlotte for over three years, and his experience at CDOT will serve our regional clients well.”  

Patrick’s traffic engineering experience includes addressing transportation aspects in rezoning and by-right projects as well as reviewing land development and public infrastructure projects for compliance with engineering standards and best practices. He has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual; the Charlotte Streets Manual and Comprehensive Transportation Review; NCDOT Roadway standards; MUTCD standards; and AASHTO’s Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets.  

Justin Schor, who is Vice President of Business Development and has a deep background in multimodal planning and transportation demand management (TDM), noted that “Patrick has a thorough understanding of cutting-edge regulatory and policy issues such as Comprehensive Transportation Reviews (CTR) as called out in the City of Charlotte’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). Combined with W+A’s in-depth expertise and experience in planning and implementing TDM strategies and our participation in the ULI technical assistance panel that helped shape the policy, we believe Patrick will give us the ability to provide our clients and partners unparalleled CTR guidance for their developments.”  

Wells + Associates manages a variety of transportation, traffic engineering, and parking projects for clients in the region. Notably, our team brings expertise in the area of transportation demand management (mobility management), helping developments and communities right-size their parking and transportation infrastructure by planning and implementing multimodal choices.  

About Wells + Associates

Wells + Associates designs sustainable, cost-effective transportation plans for commercial, residential, governmental, and institutional developments across the United States. W+A assists developers, businesses, and property owners in formulating transportation engineering and planning solutions, securing entitlements, and gaining regulatory and community approvals. The company is a leading practitioner in designing and implementing transportation demand management strategies – multimodal transportation plans that create better, more forward-thinking places and networks for commuters, property managers, residents, and developers. 

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Patrick Monroe, P.E.
Regional Manager
101 S. Tryon Street, Suite 2700
Charlotte, NC 28280
Phone: (704) 317-1472

Justin Schor
VP, Business Development
Phone: (704) 951-5650