Linsey Burch Joins ACT Panel on Reaching Commuters with Marketing Automation | W+A

Linsey Burch Joins ACT Panel on Reaching More Commuters with Marketing Automation

TDM and commuter campaigns can be improved and personalized using smart marketing automation programs. W+A’s Senior Associate Linsey Burch joined a TDM panel at the Association for Commuter Transportation’s 2020 Virtual Conference, held August 3-5, to discuss ways to reach more commuters via personalized marketing channels. ACT is an international association and leading advocate for commuter transportation and transportation demand management (TDM).

Joining Linsey were Emily Cass, Manager at TRAFFIX; Elizabeth Hughes, President of TDM Specialists, Inc.; Lisa Kay Pfannenstiel, Executive Director of Movability; Courtney Reynolds, Transit Planning Manager at VHB; and Steve Wheeler, Senior Partner at OneCommute.

Marketing automation platforms allows marketers of TDM programs to more easily and effectively execute campaigns across a range of online channels including email, social media, surveys, and websites. Marketing automation allows the personalization and automation of repetitive tasks associated with campaign follow-up.

The panel discussed how to apply information about commuters in order to personalize TDM communications and place each message in the context of each person’s commute journey.

The session walked through several TDM and individual employer programs that have centralized commuter campaigns in this manner.