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Life Skills Workshop: Helping Our Foster Youth with Professional Development

At 2019 drew to a close, our Melissa Jackson facilitated a lively workshop for the Fairfax County Department of Family Services. The workshop focused on life skills training for young adults in care. The topic? Like a Boss: How to Be Professional & Successful.

About the Life Skills Program

The Department of Family Services’ Life Skills Program focuses on youth aged 14 to 21 who are in foster care. The program helps prepare them for adult responsibilities and choices. Youth served may live in foster homes, with a family member, in group homes, in therapeutic residential facilities, or on their own. The program relies on the goodwill of community members to give their time and expertise to these youth in need.

Like a Boss: How to Be Professional & Successful

Melissa’s program focused on her experience as a professional and gave her the opportunity to share tips and her know-how with approximately 20 young adults who themselves have various ranges of work experience. Her talk included quick tips on how they can expand their knowledge by asking the right questions and how to sieze opportunities to learn more. All of the youth participants received their first professional padfolio and other items to help them as business professionals.

What else? Melissa covered a range of topics, such as:

Professional etiquette:

  • How to properly introduce yourself
  • The proper way to shake hands (including a chance to practice!)
  • What to wear to an interview, and also what to wear in various professional environments, including traditional, business casual, and relaxed casual cultures.

Communication Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Telephone etiquette
  • Voicemail etiquette
  • Email etiquette

We are grateful to Melissa for making time for our local youth in Fairfax County!

If you feel you could offer something to foster care youth, we encourage you to review the many ways to serve them on Fairfax County’s Permanency and Life Skills webpage. Programs include: Sponsor a High School Teen, Sponsor Education After High School, Support Teens Transitioning Out of Foster Care, Sponsor a Pregnant Teen or Teen Mother, and Teach a Training Workshop.