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ACT Webinar: How Real-Time Information Enables Behavior Change

Our senior associate Lydia Shackelford was a TDM panelist on a recent ACT webinar titled, “Innovation and New Frontiers: How Real-Time Information Enables Behavior Change.” As the mobility landscape grows and changes, it has become more important than ever to have real-time information about all the options available in order to push people to more sustainable means of transportation.

One of the largest barriers to making a change in commuting habits is information. The webinar delved into a number of questions, including ones that many commuters face such as:

  • Is the bus coming?
  • What time?
  • Where?

Lydia provided the TDM perspective on this topic, offering feedback about how various companies and real estate owners approach encouraging people to get out of their cars. Lydia leads many of our TDM team’s projects in the Washington, DC metro region, helping clients build sustainable transportation programs through transportation demand management best practices.

Joining Lydia were:

  • Tom Harrington of Intuit – Tom spoke from the corporate-commuting perspective and how to make it easy for employees to get to and from the office every day without a headache
  • Matt Caywood of TransitScreen – Matt spoke about neurological factors that go into why real-time information is so important in making behavior change and some of the existing biases that make it difficult for people to do so already

ACT’s article about the webinar can be found here.