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Lorrie D’Amico-Branch

Administrative Assistant

Lorrie has been with W+A since 2006. She manages all administrative functions of the Manassas, VA office. Prior to joining W+A, she owned and operated a children’s entertainment company for 15 years. Her depth of experience is reflected in her business acumen and excellent customer service skills, which have been tremendous assets to the company. Among her numerous roles, Lorrie handles billing issues, timesheet management, traffic data collection scheduling, job set-up, data entry, and project budget management for the Manassas office.


+What motivates you?
The people around me 

+Personal life philosophy?
Live each day as if it were your last.

+How do you relax?
Ride a motorcycle in the country 

+Favorite quote?
“Dance like there is no one watching.” 

+Make and model of first car? 
69 Pontiac Firebird 

+Karaoke night song?
Sweet Caroline 

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