About Us

About Us

Wells + Associates empowers people by improving access and mobility. We keep people moving and improve networks with sustainable Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning, and leading-edge Transportation Demand Management (TDM) solutions.

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For over 25 years, our professionals have created and implemented sustainable, cost-effective transportation solutions for commercial, residential, governmental, and institutional developments across the United States. Based in the Washington, DC area, we assist developers, businesses, and property owners in securing entitlements, gaining regulatory and community approvals, and designing and implementing multimodal transportation plans to create better, more forward-thinking places and networks.

Developers want profitable investments, commuters demand improved transportation, and property managers need to optimize their operations. We provide the solutions.


Designing Effective Transportation Networks to Facilitate Mobility and Maximize Investments

From traffic impact studies to site assessments, from transit-oriented developments to mixed-use planning, our traffic engineers and transportation planners devise creative transportation solutions to add value to our clients’ projects. Learn more on our Transportation Engineering and Planning page.


Creating and Implementing Better Transportation Options

Commuters, property managers, residents, and developers increasingly see the need for transportation solutions that go beyond the single occupancy vehicle of the 20th century. Our TDM team not only creates plans for sustainable transportation options, but specializes in implementing these as well. 


The Low-Cost, Convenient Way to Travel During College Breaks

In 2017, Wells + Associates acquired BreakShuttle, the largest provider of charter trips for college students departing and returning directly to campus during academic breaks. 


Over the last twenty-five years, we have become trusted transportation consultants on over 7,000 projects in nearly 40 states, with our traffic engineering and transportation planning roots in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. When you team with W+A, you will discover what many public and private organizations across the country and around the world already know: Our team members are among the most accomplished, most creative implementers in the industry.

While you are on our website, please visit our Blog, follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), learn more about our Team, and peruse some of our past Projects. We look forward to serving you on your next project. 

Wells + Associates, W+A, transportation consultant, traffic engineer DC VA MD
Transportation Engineering
  • Traffic engineering services
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Site access and circulation studies
  • Maintenance of traffic/traffic control plans
  • Parking supply and demand studies
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Transportation Planning
  • Transportation master plans
  • Transit oriented development (TOD) analysis
  • Sustainable transportation planning
  • Travel demand forecasts
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Transportation Demand Management
  • Planning: more transportation choices to improve quality of life for tenants, employees, and residents
  • Connecting communities to existing transportation networks
  • A focus on implementation to create better workplaces and communities
  • Customized and comprehensive marketing strategies to make plans work
  • Monitoring + evaluation to meet strategic goals
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Wells + Associates, W+A, transportation consultant, traffic engineer DC VA MD

What Our Clients Are Saying

Michael Caplin

The people of Wells + Associates are honest, smart, wise and fun.  Their efforts are swift and precise, and their work product is outstanding.

- Michael Caplin | Tysons Partnership
Rebecca Snyder

Insight Property Group had a tight timeline to complete a TDM Work Plan for The Shelby Apartments near Huntington Metro Station. We turned to W+A to deliver quality product that would help us comply with Fairfax County regulations to receive a residential use permit. In addition to getting the TDM Work Plan approved in a timeline that exceeded our expectations, the entire W+A team was an absolute pleasure to work with.

- Rebecca Snyder | Insight Property Group
Robert Jenkins

The Howard Hughes Corporation has had a long-standing relationship with Wells + Associates.  They are our go to firm for transportation planning, engineering, and design. W+A was instrumental in providing traffic engineering and transportation planning leading to the rezoning of Columbia Town Center. They continue to provide the traffic and transportation planning efforts as development in Columbia progresses. They are smart, professional, and have been an integral part of helping Howard Hughes implement and achieve our vision.  I have personally worked with Wells + Associates for over 25 years, and I highly recommend them to anyone that needs to solve complex transportation issues through an innovative approach.

- Robert Jenkins | The Howard Hughes Corporation