Maret Sports Fields: Comprehensive Transportation Review (CTR), Transportation Management Plan (TMP) - Wells + Associates

Gloria Wright

W+A conducted a Comprehensive Transportation Review (CTR) in accordance with District Department of Transportation requirements, to evaluate the transportation impacts of the Maret Sports Field. The study included a trip generation assessment based on the proposed programming of the field and a traffic impact assessment at four off-site study intersections.

 As part of the CTR, W+A recommended improvements to mitigate the impact of the project, including curb extensions at the Utah Avenue/Nebraska Avenue intersection and a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) that detailed strategies to reduce vehicular trips to/from the site and manage traffic operations at the site.

The TMP included a plan to shuttle Maret students to the field by bus to reduce the number of vehicle trips, a provision to provide flaggers in the parking lot to assist with the orderly flow of traffic during games, and restrictions on the hours of trash service.

W+A currently is designing the curb extensions and preparing the necessary Signing and Striping and Traffic Control Plans.